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JULY 09, 2020

How to Deep Clean Your Laundry Room

The laundry is rarely the favourite room in the house, especially when it comes time to clean it. But keeping it clean and organised is important both emotionally and for hygiene purposes for you and your family.However, it is rare that we focus on cleaning the laundry room itself, the bathroom often gets far more attention. Maybe you’re busy with work on weekdays and hardly have time and energy on weekends to clean it. Laundry rooms may contain washers, dryers, open shelves, cabinets, ironing area, utility sinks and laundry baskets. Some would only have the washers and dryers, plus an open shelves above. It may take only 30 minutes for some or 30 minutes times five for others to clean the room..

Declutter the laundry room

At our commercial cleaning company, we believe in looking after people. We have the tools and the know-how to help you create a safe workspace for your teams.

When you lose focus and ignore your laundry, it’s easy to accumulate many items that potentially don’t belong there. Maybe there are expired cleaning products, old dried out sponges or many other items that can be stuffed away out of your regular eyesight.Get an empty laundry basket or a trash bag, open one drawer or cabinet at a time, and start to sort your stuff. Ask yourself if an item belongs to the laundry room, if you are going to use it in the future, or if you can use something else instead. It’s usually a quick and easy task to cull any items that you no longer need and quickly simplify and restore your laundry to a clutter free zone.

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