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JULY 09, 2020


Steam Cleaning is one of the common but effective techniques to cleanse large carpets. This procedure involves washing of carpets with hot water and cleaning solution. Hot water is sprayed at extremely high pressure on the soiled surface of the carpet. The high pressure helps to stir up the stuck soiled particles which make the dust to loosen its grip from the carpet. After that, you can apply the cleaning product to the surface and brush off the remaining stain or dirt. Once this step is completed, you can finish off the cleaning process by thoroughly rinsing the carpet with cold or warm water in a carpet washing equipment. Let it dry completely and use it afresh.

Dry Clean your Carpet

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Dry cleaning is another effective cleaning technology adorned by carpet cleaning service providers around the globe. In this procedure, the cleaning compound used is similar to powder that is spread over the mucky surface with the help of a brush run by a motor. This motorized brush aids in opening up the fibers of the carpet and permits the cleaning powder to penetrate through the top layer of the carpet and collect the broken soiled particles. The powdered cleaner used for dry cleaning purpose helps remove pet stains, ink, and other stubborn stains from the carpet thus making it usable again. Therefore, dry cleaning your carpet is another good option for you to prefer.

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