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AUGUST 23, 2020

Tips To Cleaning Child’s Bedroom

For most parents, it can be a pain to clean up their kid’s bedroom. There are toys all over the floor, their clothes are left hanging here and there, a month-old piece of bread finds its way behind their desk.

Organise Clutter and Cleaning Tips

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Spend one weekend going through clothes and items that your child has outgrown or don’t want anymore. Place them in three separate boxes: one for throwing away, one for donating, and the last one for keeping. Make your “to keep” box the smallest one possible to avoid holding onto things that will just take up precious space in your home..Invest in some colorful containers that will make organising fun and easy. For younger children, show them where to keep their coloring materials, toys, and such. Model the behaviour and they will follow you. For teens, let them do the organising so they feel independent. It will give them the feeling that they can make decisions of their own.

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